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How to Get Started Trading Futures

For those new to futures trading, we provided a brief guide to help you get started.

Gain Knowledge

One thing that most traders and investors agree on is that knowledge is power. It’s also a necessity in regard to understanding the basic principles of futures trading, building reasonable expectations and accepting risk involved. Knowledge gives you comfort and confidence with however you’re approaching the markets. Learn more about futures trading as relevant to your chosen means of participating in the markets.

We encourage you to visit our Website’s Educational Section, which contains useful educational information for those new to futures trading. The best resource available to you at Essence Capital is the knowledge and the experience of our licensed professionals. We’ll help you develop your personal plan on how to gain knowledge and prepare for future trading. Contact us to schedule a personal consultation.

Accept Risk/Reward

Understand the concept of risk and reward that define futures trading as relevant to your chosen way of participating in the markets. Learn about how leverage and volatility can affect your investment, including account capitalization. Accept the concept of risk/reward, balance your expectations and manage both concepts throughout your futures trading experience.

Select Your Trading Method

If you decide to participate in futures trading, you have to make commitments in two specific areas – capital and time. You can make your own trading decisions choosing a Self-Directed account, work one-on-one with a market strategist through our Broker-Assisted program, employ a more hands-off approach by using our Managed Futures and Auto-Execute services. Your choice can be based on such factors as risk capital availability, time commitment and your preferred trading style.

If you chose to be directly involved with decision-making process in trading your account, we suggest you follow these steps to get started:

  • Pick the right contract
  • Develop your trading strategy
  • Build your trading plan
  • Begin with simulated trading
  • Determine the right size of your trading account
  • Set definite risk parameters
  • Stick to your trading plan
  • Know your position
  • Diversify

At the beginning, you may consider employing qualified professional assistance to help you start trading your account. Essence Capital’s broker-assisted program will provide you with the individualized attention you require. Our brokers have a wide array of experience, which will be matched to suit your particular needs – help you develop your own trading method, make trade suggestions and upon your approval, place orders, monitor open positions, suggest exit strategies and update you as to economic and/or market news items. We believe this to be an effective way to gain knowledge over time with the secondary goal of changing the relationship from "broker-assisted" to the "self-directed" category, if you desire to take full responsibility for you trading.


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