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Dorman Direct / T4 Client

T4 Client is a lightweight, high-performance futures trading system intended for professional and retail traders alike. This Internet-based system can be accessed from anywhere in the world and offers access to multiple exchanges.

Application Features:

Streaming Quotes

  • Streaming Level 2 Quotes
  • Deep level of commodities market information
  • See all streaming bids & offers
  • See quantities at each price

Quick Trades

  • Power traders like the ease & speed of T4 Client powered by CTS
  • See the entire market
  • Point *Click* You're filled

Instant Fills

  • No matter which order entry screen you prefer to use, your orders are routed through our Direct Clearing Firm Access for the fastest, most reliable fills possible

Additional Features

  • Customizable screens to fit your trading style
  • Order and account management screens with unmatched depth of information and trade confirmation
  • Ultra-secure transmission of your orders direct to the clearing firm
  • Market depth
  • Total volume executed at last price
  • Multiple trade windows
  • One click stops, trailing stops
  • Ability to set audio alerts
  • Pull all orders with a single click
  • Order book window
  • Risk window
  • OCO (Order Cancels Order)
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Additional information

Quick Reference Guide
Video Tutorials

T4 Client is available for live trading through Dorman Trading LLC.

System Requirements

• Explorer Version 6.0 or higher
• at least 500 mb of RAM for Windows XP and 1Gb for Vista
• Minimum Pentium III, 500 MHz Processor
• High-speed Internet connection