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09.08.20 CME Group Economic Research: Conflicting Narratives

09.08.20 CME Article: Fed Policy and US Policy Responses. By Blu Putnam, Chief Economist & Erik Norland, Senior Economist, CME Group

08.07.20 CME Article: Stimulus solidarity rallies euro & implications of US borrowing over $3T. By Blu Putnam, Chief Economist, CME Group

06.08.20 CME White Paper: US Economic Update: Employment Losses, Policy Responses, Debt &Rates, Inflation Prospects

04.30.20 CME Article: Economic stimulus-debt paradox; inflation to weaken with demand. By Blu Putnam, Chief Economist & Erik Norland, Senior Economist, CME Group

04.13.20 CME Group Economic Research: Conflicting Narratives

03.25.20 Amendments to Certain CME and CBOT Equity Index Futures Contracts Concerning Regulatory Halts and Price Limits

03.19.20 Amendments to NYMEX Rule 589. (“Special Price Fluctuation Limits and Daily Price Limits”) Table for the Light Sweet Crude Oil and Brent Crude Oil Last Day Financial Futures and All Related Associated Contracts

02.19.20 Accountability Levels and Large Trader Reporting Requirements in Connection with the Initial Listing of Weekly Monday Options on British Pound/U.S. Dollar (GBP/USD) Futures, Canadian Dollar/U.S. Dollar (CAD/USD) Futures, Japanese Yen/U.S. Dollar (JPY/USD) Futures, Australian Dollar/U.S. Dollar (AUD/USD) Futures and Euro/U.S. Dollar (EUR/USD) Futures Contracts

02.06.20 Amendments to the WTI Houston vs. WTI Trade Month Average Price Option and the WTI Houston vs. Brent Trade Month Average Price Option Contracts

10.14.15 CME Group JPYUSD: Now trading in half ticks

09.15.15 Change in daily close time for many GLOBEX contracts, 4:00 pm daily

08.14.15 New Price Ratios for Treasury Intercommodity Spreads (ICS)

07.19.15 Effective August 1, 2015, the EUREX exchange will require a data subscription for the real-time price feed

06.18.15 Japanese Yen Tick Reduction

02.05.15 CME Group to Close Most Open Outcry Futures Trading in Chicago and New York by July; Most Options Markets to Remain Open

02.01.15 CME Group Customer Fee Changes for February 2015

12.01.14 Harmonized CME Group Globex Holiday Hours for: Equities, IR, FX, Energies & Metals

11.13.13 CME Market Data Policy Updates – 2014

06.28.13 CME Group Launch of KCBT-CBOT Wheat Intercommodity Spread Options

04.18.13 Weekly Options Now Available Through Essence Trader Platform

03.29.13 CME to Self Clear Kansas City Board of Trade

03.05.13 CME Group Announces Reduced Grain and Oilseed Trading Hours

03.01.13 Modification of Trading Hours for CME International Equity Index Futures

10.05.12 CME Globex Equity Index Trading Hours and Daily Price Limit Changes for
Futures and Options

09.14.12 CBOT Mini-Sized Grain and Oilseed Futures Extended Hours

09.14.12 CME Globex Equity Banding Modification

09.13.12 5:1 Offset CBOT Mini-sized Agriculture futures

06.23.12 Minneapolis Grain Exchange Hours Change

05.25.12 CME Group to Expand CBOT Grain and Oilseed Open Out-Cry Trading Hours During USDA Crop Reports

05.25.12 New Settlement Methodology for CBOT Agricultural Futures

05.19.12 Expanded Electronic Hours for CBOT Grains and  Oilseeds to Start Sunday, May 20

05.03.12 New U.S. Grains and Oilseeds at ICE Futures U.S.

05.02.12 CME Group to Expand CBOT Grain and Oilseed Trading Hours on CME Globex

04.26.12 First Notice for Delivery - May CBOT Grain Futures; K.C. and MPLS Wheat

04.26.12 Last Trade Date - April CME Live Cattle

03.16.12 Last Trade Date - March Crude Oil

02.24.12 Last Trade Date - February COMEX & NYSE/LIFFE Metals

02.24.12 Last Trade Date - February CME Live Cattle

02.24.12 First Notice – March CBOT Grain & Financial Futures, K.C. and MPLS. Wheat

12.15.11 Last Trade Date/First Notice Day – December CME Currency Futures

11.25.11 First Notice for Delivery – December CBOT Grains and Financial Futures

11.17.11 Last Trade Date – December NYMEX Energy Futures

11.11.11 CME Group and CME Trust to Provide $300M Guarantee to SIPC Trustee to Help Facilitate Release of Customer-Segregated Funds

11.04.11 U.S. Clearing Houses Announce MF Global Bulk Transferee Confirmation Service

10.25.11 Last Trade Date – October CME Live Cattle

10.25.11 First Notice for Delivery – November COMEX & NYSE Metals

10.25.11 Last Notice for Delivery – November CBOT Grain Contracts

10.25.11 Last Trade Date for November NYMEX Natural Gas

10.25.11 Last Trade Date for November NYMEX Energies

10.25.11 ICE To Launch Ruble-Dollar Currency Pair Futures Contract

10.04.11 Delivery of October CME Live Cattle Contract

09.14.11 Last Trade Date – September CME Currency Futures

08.26.11 Delivery of September NYSE/LIFFE and COMEX Metals

08.25.11 Last Trade Date – August CME Live Cattle

08.25.11 Delivery of September CME/CBOT Grains & Financial Futures & K.C. and MPLS Wheat Contracts

08.25.11 Margin Change - Metals Outrights

06.29.11 Delivery of July CBOT Grains and K.C. and MPLS. Wheat Contracts

06.29.11 Delivery of July NYSE/LIFFE and COMEX Metal Contratcs

04.01.11 Margins Change - CBOT Agricultural Outright

03.18.11 Last Trade Date - March CBOT Treasury Futures

03.18.11 Last Trade Date - April NYMEX Energy Futures

03.09.11 Last Trade Date for March CBOT/CME Grains

03.09.11 Last Trade Day/First Notice Day for March CME Currencies

02.25.11 Delivery of March CBOT Financial Contracts

02.25.11 Delivery of March COMEX & NYSE LIFFE Metals Contracts

02.23.11 Delivery of March CBOT Grains

01.18.11 CME Group: Delisting of the E-mini  Gold Futures Contract

12.29.10 Delivery of January NYSE/COMEX Metals Contracts

12.29.10 Delivery of January NYMEX Products

12.29.10 Delivery of January CBOT Soybean Complex & Rice Contracts

12.03.10 Delivery of CME December Currency Contracts

12.03.10 Delivery of December CME Live Cattle

12.03.10 Delivery of December New York Products

12.03.10 Delivery of December CBOT Grain and Financial Contracts

11.19.10 Margin Change - Agriculture and FX Outrights 

11.16.10 Margin Change - COMEX and NYMEX Metals Outrights

11.10.10 Margins Change - Metals Outrights

10.12.10 CME price limits and margin rate increases for ag. products

09.30.10 Delivery of October CME Live Cattle

09.30.10 Cotton No. 2® Daily Price Limits Expand to 5 Cents

09.28.10 Delivery of CME/CBOT Soybean Meal & Oil

09.07.10 NY Delivery Information

08.17.10 NY Delivery Information

08.03.10 Delivery of August CME Live Cattle

08.03.10 Delivery of August CME Pork Bellies

07.29.10 Delivery of August NYSE/LIFFE Metals Contracts

07.29.10Delivery of August CBOT/CME Soybean Complex Contracts

07.08.10 NY Delivery Information

07.05.10 Delivery of June CME Pork Bellies

07.01.10 Delivery of July CME/CBOT Grains

06.23.10 CME Group Announces the Launch of Intercommodity Spread Options for Corn and Wheat

06.08.10 Delivery of CME June Currency Contracts

06.04.10 Delivery of June NYSE/LIFFE Metals

06.04.10 Delivery of June CME/CBOT Financial Contract

06.04.10 Delivery of June CME Live Cattle

06.04.10 Delivery of June CME/CBOT Ethanol

04.28.10 Delivery of May NYSE/LIFFE Metals

04.28.10 Delivery of May CBOT Grains

04.12.10 Expanded Trading Hours for Nikkei 225 Futures on CME Globex

04.12.10 Delivery of April CME Live Cattle

04.07.10 NY Delevery Information

03.30.10 Delivery of April NYSE/LIFFE Metals Contracts

03.23.10 CME Group and Nikkei Inc. to Expand Trading Hours of Nikkei 225 Futures

03.17.10 CME Group: Crude Palm Oil futures begin trading in May

03.02.10 New York Delivery Information

03.02.10 Delivery of CME March Currency Contracts

02.24.10 Delivery of March CME/CBOT Grains

02.24.10 Delivery of March CME/CBOT Financial Futures

02.24.10 Delivery of March CME/CBOT Grains Delivery of March NYSE/LIFFE Metals

02.23.10 Delivery of March Winnipeg Grain Exchange Canola & Barley

02.17.10. NY Delivery Information Reminder

02.09.10. President’s Day Holiday Schedule

02.08.10. Delivery of February CME Live Cattle


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