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Elevate Your Trading

Personal consultations with an experienced market strategist to help you develop your own trading method, or improve your existing trading strategy.

Successfully navigating today’s fast-paced futures market can be a daunting task. To help you confidently make trading decisions, we provide a step-by-step training and one-on-one consulting programs. Essence Capital’s trade mentor program allows you to leverage the expertise of our market professionals to optimize your individual trading approach.

Are you new to futures and options?

Essence Capital customers can supplement their futures trading education with the support and interaction of personal consulting experience. From basics to advanced strategies, the mentor program is designed to help you develop your own trading method with the knowledge and discipline you need to have your best chance of success.

To help you reach your potential, your personal market advisor will work with you to:

• Develop a complete trading plan to define trading strategies and manage risk.
• Get the most out of tools and resources available to fit your needs.
• Move from paper trading into the markets with confidence.
• Provide ongoing advice throughout your trading strategy execution.

Are you an experienced trader who needs to reassess your trading strategy?

If you seek to refine your trading strategy, the one-on-one attention of an experienced market strategist might exactly be what you look for. Expert advice from a knowledgeable professional, who understands your specific needs and objectives, will help you re-evaluate your trading strategy to optimize performance and examine other products and approaches to add value to your portfolio.

To help you take your trading to a higher level, your personal market strategist will work with you to:

• Make adjustments to your trading strategy and risk management to improve results.
• Explore new futures and options trading strategies
• Provide more resources to make your decisions more informative.

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