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TradeBullet is a multi-broker application built on an industrial-strength framework. TradeBullet can handle up to 20 orders per second. Orders are sent to TradeBullet by simple text files or e-mail and are then routed to your broker for execution on the specified exchange.

TradeBullet supports all your TradeStation systems without the need to modify the strategies. Whether you trade in multiple accounts simultaneously or use advanced order types including direct ECN routing, TradeBullet makes it simple, easy and blazing fast.

Detailed Highlights:

  • TradeStation Automation: Fully automated trading of TradeStation strategies. No modification of your strategy is necessary (Ultra version or higher).
  • No Transaction Fees: We don't charge anything over the monthly subscription price.
  • Simple: Designed for simplicity and ease of use.
  • Reliable: Built on an industrial-strength framework.
  • Extremely Fast: TradeBullet is optimized for maximum speed.
  • Safe: Duplicate order protection.
  • Better Connection: Auto-login and automatic reconnections to the broker.
  • Better Control: Email order confirmations, executions, positions and connection status. Stay informed when you're away from your computer.
  • Multiple Accounts: Send orders to multiple accounts simultaneously.
  • Advanced Simulator: Includes an advanced integrated simulator that allows you to execute simulated orders on live market data. Trade simultaneously on up to 99 simulation accounts.
  • Powerful Order Types: Exchange routing, Close All Open Positions, Cancel All Open Orders, OCA Groups and end of day maintenance (open orders cancellation and open positions close).
  • Limit order conversion: Automatic conversion of Limit orders into Market orders after xx seconds.
  • MIT order conversion: Automatic conversion of Limit orders into Market orders when the market price touches the limit price.
  • Duplicate order management: Ignore duplicate orders or keep only the latest one.
  • Quick Order Entry: Integrated order-entry screen.
  • Quick Order Cancellation: One-Click cancellation of all open orders.
  • Quick Position Flattening: One-Click closing of all open positions.
  • Two-way communication: Access order, execution, position and account data from your charting application. (Ultra version or higher)
Supported applications:
  • TradeStation
  • MetaTrader4
  • eSignal
  • Excel
  • AmiBroker
  • And all custom applications.
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Additional information

Installation Guide

Quick Screen Trading is available for live trading through Rosenthal Collins Group (RCG) and Dorman Trading

Software Requirements

• NET Framework
• MS jet engine
• MDAC 2.8