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IQ-Trader is a front-end that provides exceptional vision and strategy control

It's an application that interprets markets; analyses and assesses trading opportunities and positions; defines strategies and parameters; and helps you plot the best course for successful trades. It's like trading with a team of developers and market experts at your shoulder. With IQ-Trader, you always know where you are and can quickly adapt to market conditions and execute new strategies.

Automation without programming

You can perform sophisticated operations without needing programming skills. Intelligence is in-built, intuitive and automatic. You can create studies, guards and complex strategies just by pointing and clicking. Moreover, IQ-Trader offers back testing and optimization technologies that are unequalled for speed, functionality and ease of use.

Flexibility and creativity

IQ-Trader provides a versatile framework with powerful analytical tools to explore different trading options and scenarios. You research, configure and then build your trades step by step.

Market knowledge

You have the latest market news and trading insights, ensuring that your trades are backed by detailed research. IQ-Trader connects to a large number of leading data providers.

Application Features:

Charting / analytics

• Combines Patsystems real-time data with historical data from third-party data providers
• Direct order entry from charts
• Creates trading signals based on analytic studies with auto order entry
• Choice of popular technical studies and charting tools such as Candlesticks, Bollinger bands, and Fibonacci retrenchments
• Optimizes strategies to create trading plans

Trading style

• Drag-and-drop trading window for pricing, order entry and cancellation
• Position and P&L display in quotes window
• Tabbed working order/completed order display
• Ladder-style depth of market order entry including volume at price display and market weight indicators
• Bracket orders to automate exit and stop loss
• News window for use with third-party news feeds

Advanced trading tools

• Create trading systems and strategies graphically or through simple Express programming language
• Functionality to optimize trading strategies
• Back testing and forward simulation of strategies
• Money management tools to control trading systems
• Event-driven trading strategies

Spread technology

• Cross-product and cross-market spreading with any number of legs
• Active quoting of one or more legs in the market

Enables spread of spreads

• Charting of spreads with historical and intra-day views
• Create trading signals on spreads for automated trading
• Position management and brackets on spreads

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Additional information

User's Guide
Latest version review in "Trader's Magazine"

Quick Screen Trading is available for live trading through Rosenthal Collins Group (RCG)

System Requirements

• Minimum Pentium III, 850 MHz Processor; Optimal Pentium IV, 1 GHz Processor
• Windows 2000, XP, Vista
• Minimum 256MB Memory; Optimal 512MB Memory
• Minimum 100MB of free hard disk space
• Internet Connection Minimum Speed: 56 KB/sec; Optimal: High-speed Cable, DSL, T1 or ISDN