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is one of a handful of platforms on the market providing access to both electronic and open outcry products. RANorder routes directly to broker workstations in many markets, avoiding the time delays and error potential for orders routed to trading desks. Ran Order is designed to handle an FCM's functional requirements for client account trade entry, order risk control, and transaction routing for futures and options customers.

Application Features:

  • Allows users to "park" orders to quickly place trades in moving markets
  • Utilizes HTML, XML and Windows-based front ends for easy order entry and account access
  • Captures transactions via easy-to-use browser or Windows-based front ends
  • Performs extensive pre-trade credit control prior to order transmission and execution
  • Electronically routes customer orders to the appropriate exchange or to any order desk
  • Performs interactive queries to identify accounts, positions and risk exposure in any user-selected market
  • Automatically downloads start-of-day account, position and equity information from any back office syst em and uploads intra-day transactions

Additional information

User's Guide

RANOrder is available for live trading through Rosenthal Collins Group (RCG) and Dorman Trading

Software Requirements

• Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0
• XML4