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Ag Marketing Services

Essence Capital specializes in providing fully integrated marketing solutions for agricultural operations. Our highly experienced specialists work hand-in-hand with each producer to develop a completely personalized marketing program.

To protect your profit margins and effectively market your agricultural products, Essence Capital offers a full spectrum of services tailored to your individual needs. Utilizing exchanged traded derivatives and employing insurance policies, we help you efficiently manage your risk exposure to adverse market conditions. Up-to-date market research is used to give you specific hedge and cash sales recommendations to help you make sound marketing decisions.

At Essence Capital, we empower farming operations with comprehensive marketing programs to meet their individual risk management needs and marketing objectives. Our ECG Hedge Pro program is a completely personalized marketing solution, uniquely equipped to provide systematic approach to achieving your financial goals and at the same time allowing you to benefit from market opportunities to add value to your bottom line.

Learn more about ECG Hedge Pro and request your free arg marketing plan today!

Our commitment to partnership with each client is based on the concept of high-quality personalized service. Our advisors have in-depth knowledge of agricultural markets. They have the experience and the tools to meet your unique marketing requirements. Your needs are the terms of your relationship with your Essence Capital advisor. Your advisor will serve as your marketing partner to earn your trust and confidence to achieve your vision of success.

Contact us to speak to an advisor about your marketing needs and learn more about our Ag Marketing Services.


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