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New to Futures?

Let us be Your Guide

At Essence Capital, you don’t have to face the futures markets alone. You'll have our personalized services and the in-depth knowledge of our advisers with you for every step of your futures trading experience. We offer self-directed or broker-assisted trading, as well as more hands-off investment approaches such as managed futures or systems trading. Any way you participate in the futures markets, we have everything you need to succeed.

Get Comfortable with the Markets

Essence Capital offers a host of educational resources to help guide you every step of the way to learn about futures trading and to feel comfortable participating in the markets. You may not know yet what and how you’re going to trade, or if futures trading is for you. Check out our website educational resources. You’ll find introductory information here, including the essentials of futures trading and insights into many most-often pondered topics, which will help you to gain basic knowledge and find answers to many of your questions.

One of the most valuable resources available to you at Essence Capital is the knowledge and experience of our advisers. Your personal consultations with one of our advisers will provide you with answers to your specific questions and give you an expert assessment of your participation in the futures markets in respect to your individual needs and objectives.

Choose Your Trading Approach

If you’ve decided that futures trading is for you, Essence Capital offers a variety of ways to approach the markets with various degree of your involvement. You can call all the shots yourself trading independently via a self-directed account. Essence Capital provides a variety of online trading platforms that cater to the specific various needs of independent traders. If you seek qualified professional assistance, Essence Capital’s broker assist program will provide you with the individualized attention you require. Our brokers have a wide array of experience, which will be matched to suit your particular needs. Your Essence Capital's broker will become your trusted advisor.

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