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Experienced Trader

Focus On Your Success

At Essence Capital, we know what experienced futures traders need – a wide access to markets and resources, excellent execution, reliable support and expert advice to empower trading results. Essence Capital is always focused on your specific needs. We work with you to provide customized trading tools, individualized product advice, expert trade insight and real-time market analysis. Any way you trade, we are with you each step of the way. We’re there with everything you need to earn your futures trading success.

Global Access

Our multiple clearing capabilities provide you with unlimited access to global futures markets around the clock. At Essence Capital your are not confined by capabilities of a single clearing firm. Our independence allows you to utilize a wide range of trading products and market resources available worldwide.

Trade Execution

We provide our clients with high-tech electronic trading platforms, risk monitoring software and the most advanced technologies and innovations available in the market to assure unsurpassable trade execution performance. No matter what your trading style is, we’ll provide you with an online trading platform that caters to your specific needs.
You can execute trades yourself or use the flexibility of our broker assisted trading. Our brokers will provide you with effective, reliable and customer focused trade execution.

Trading Solutions

At Essence Capital, we don’t limit your futures market participation with a pre-set box of services, which may or may not meet your needs. We know not all traders want the same thing, so we offer you a trading solution that’s right for you. You can make your own trading decisions choosing a Self-Directed account, work one-on-one with a market strategist through our Broker-Assisted program, employ a more hands-off approach by using our Managed Futures and Auto-Execute services, or use a combination of our services. Our focus is on you. We’ll define and fully support a personalized trading solution that meets your unique requirements.

Market Expertise

From pre-trade to post-trade, Essence Capital is with you for every step of your futures trading. Stay on top of the markets with our strategist. Benefit from our trading tools, distinctive analytics and market insights. Leverage our risk management expertise. To customize market analysis to your individual goals, we offer Your Markets Today service. If you seek to re-evaluate your existing strategy to enhance your trading results, work one-on-one with an experienced market strategist in our Elevate Your Trading program.

Client Services

Essence Capital was founded and staffed by market professionals with extensive experience in all aspects of the derivatives markets. We have created a corporate culture where your needs always come first. Our dedicated staff is ready and willing to become a trusted and worthwhile addition to your personal futures trading team to give you the support you need to earn success every day.

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