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Essence Capital provides risk management services for companies with risk exposure to adverse fluctuations in commodity prices, foreign currencies and interest rates. Hedging services are also available to investors seeking to protect their stocks and bonds portfolios. Our ag marketing specialists offer completely personalized risk management and marketing programs for agricultural operations.

Hedging risk with the use of exchange traded futures contracts and options allows to minimize one’s continues exposure to adverse price changes. Futures markets provide an effective mechanism for managing market risk.

If you seek to protect your business operation’s profit margins or investment returns of your stock portfolio, Essence Capital’s Risk Management Services is what you look for. We offer individual consultations to help you define your risk exposure and identify means of achieving effective risk control. Our risk management specialists will work with you to develop a personalized hedging program to mitigate adverse market events, defend your profit margins and establish better control over your market position. Visit the Hedging section of our website to learn more about Essence Capital Risk Management Service.

For agricultural operations, Essence Capital offers fully integrated marketing solutions to meet individual marketing needs. Our ECG Hedge Pro is a solid risk management program uniquely designed within a strategic marketing plan to defend profit margins and benefit from market opportunities. Learn more about our Ag Marketing Services.

In today's volatile market environment risk management can be critical to the success of your business operation. Complacency may not be an option. Contact us to schedule a consultation with a risk management specialist today.


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