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Essence Trader / OEC Trader

OEC Trader is an easy to use application that handles all of the complexities associated with trading and order management. From streaming quotes to full communication with trade desk, OEC Trader’s interface gives you instant access to full suite of tools.

When it comes to trading futures you've got to have transparency and speed. OEC's Depth of Market (DOM) interface, powered with real-time Direct Market Access (DMA) market data allows you to see pricing and volume when you need it - and when you're ready to execute the trade the millisecond order fulfillment let's you move at the speed of the market. Combine this comprehensive functionality with real-time risk management and it's a winning combination.

OEC Trader makes your trading easier and more efficient with additional features, including: Charting, Advanced Orders, AutoX signals from TradeStation, Risk Monitor, Custom Indicators, custom platform layouts and more. All to make your trading easier and more efficient.

With OEC's robust trading tools, you can trade equity options as well as pit and electronic futures options all in one platform.Fast and reliable order execution comes standard with all option trading accounts, including "streaming greeks" so you know the delta, gamma, vega and theta while you trade.The platform comes equipped with intuitive option chains and spreading capabilities so you can straddle, strangle, butterfly or condor to fit your trading goals.

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Quotes & Charting

Different chart styles, dozens of indicators and unlimited amounts of custom alerts are just the beginning. The simple but powerful features let you discover new ways to "see" the market - and act on it.

Indicators & Strategies

You can run and back-test strategies by simply using our own wizard, C# or Easylanguage. You can see alerts on the charts when conditions are met. Get inspiration from other developers by purchasing indicators from our indicator store, or benefit from the time you put into your custom indicators by selling your indicator in the store.

Trade Tickets

OEC Trader offers multiple order tickets from Depth of Market (DOM), Best Bid and Offer (BBO), Rapid, Turbo, Order Staging Module (OSM), Multi-bracket and basket orders. This allows the trader to pick their trading method and focus on their trading instead of being limited by the software. Essence Trader / OEC Trader offers multiple advanced order options (MOC, MOO, Iceberg) and algorithmic orders (time slice, enhanced time slice, time activation, auto cancel) in addition to position reversing and parked order

Systems Trading

Automate your trading by creating your own strategies and automatically executing them in simulated or live environments. You can even back-test your strategies to see how they performed in previous market conditions. AutoTrade supports C# and easylanguage programming languages.


OEC Trader's powerful AutoX extension from within TradeStation(R) you can execute all of OEC Trader functions as well as automate your trading signals directly through your OEC trading account. Your strategies will take into account your current positions and real OEC prices. The strategies are also able to take advantage of OEC Trader Average Positions, Account Balances, and Real Orders - giving you total transparency while working with TradeStation

Market Replay

Practice makes perfect! The Market Replay Plugin allows you to see an "instant replay" of trading conditions, allowing you to learn more from past experiences. You can even "re-trade" by entering and managing trades all over again. This practicing technique greatly enhances the learning process of trading and accelerates your path to trading success.

Excel DDE

Use your own Excel spreadsheet to manage trades through a Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) connection with OEC Trader. This gives you the freedom to create an order manager in Excel by integrating price and order data. You can also find trading opportunities with Excel functions and macros that can execute any OEC Trader function available in the API.

RSS News Feed

Don't search around on websites for the latest news, instead, connect to each media outlet's RSS News feed and the news is delivered to you! Stay connected to world news and events by consolidating all your news into one panel within your trading environment where you can filter by contract as well as search the content.

Risk Management

Automating your risk management helps remove the emotional trauma and discretionary mistakes made during panic situations. If you wait to hit the panic button when adverse conditions arise, it can be too late. Add confidence to your risk tolerance with smooth, customizable automation. Rule based execution can help protect you when the markets move against your positions. Use a combination of alerts and liquidation to guard against market impacts.

Allocation Blocks

Take the management out of managed accounts! By allocating your trades across multiple accounts using the OEC Trader Allocation Blocks you can save time, reduce mistakes and concentrate on the important part - trading. Our customizable, rule-based system is completely integrated into our accounting system so there is no support needed.

Custom Layouts

OEC Trader helps you focus on trading by allowing you to customize your trading environment the way you want. Whether you have a particular trading style or certain asset classes you need to access, OEC Trader is here to help your trading experience. You can also save and manage multiple layouts for different trading situations so the software works for you instead of dictating how you trade.

Download additional layouts here


        Аdditonal Features


Set your profit and loss bracketing with our intuitive one-click feature or our advanced multi-bracket and breakout bracket settings.



Exercise your futures and equity options† with OEC Trader. Our custom options screen can execute all exchange supported electronic options as well as all exchange supported electronic options strategies including pit-routed orders.


Order Staging Module (OSM)

Order Staging Module (OSM)
Execute all your advanced orders with our Order Staging Module. Create algorithmic orders like time release, iceberg, time slice and more.



Contact support without interrupting your trading! With our secure chatting feature embedded into OEC Trader you can get help or communicate trades with our brokers without even leaving the application.



Custom Trade Reports
Reporting is easy and convenient with our integrated reporting module. View or export your various reporting options using multiple formats including: Online, Excel, PDF and more.



Symbol Lookup
Easily locate contracts by searching by symbol, description, exchange, and much more.





Regional BBO
View depth of equities and options, enjoy one-click trading and quickly change symbols with our easy-to-use Regional Best Bid and Offer (BBO) window.



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Additional OEC Trader information

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OEC Trader is available for the customers, whose brokerage accounts are opened in GAIN Capital

System Requirements

• Windows XP or Windows 7 with 1 GB RAM +
• .NET Framework 3.0 +

Installing .NET Framework

• To manually check if your system has Microsoft.NET Framework
                         o Select "Start" from your desktop menu, then "Control Panel" and locate "Microsoft .NET Framework" within "Add or Remove Programs".

• Download the Microsoft .NET Framework for 32-bit computers here
• Download the Microsoft .NET Framework for 64-bit computers here