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Managed Futures Investment

Managed futures as an asset class is increasingly being recognized as an important investment alternative that can enhance the returns and lower the overall volatility of an investment portfolio. A managed futures account, run by a professional money manager known as a Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA), offers exposure to a wide array of futures markets traded around the world. Are you seeking to invest in futures markets by deferring your trading to an experienced commodity trading advisor? An alternative investment through Essence Capital Managed Futures may be just what you look for.

When you choose a managed futures investment, you delegate responsibilities for your trading decisions to a CTA. There are literally hundreds of CTAs offering hundreds of managed futures programs. These programs implement a proprietary trading system, or a discretionary method, to capture a variety of futures markets by using a mixture of technical and fundamental analysis.

Essence Capital builds long-term relationships with selected CTAs to permit our clients the opportunity of expending their portfolio allocations into futures markets. Using a powerful database, we continually review the qualifications of top trading advisors to select the right match for each client’s personal investor profile. Our managed futures specialist will provide you with customized recommendations tailored to your individual needs and objectives.

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Benefits of Managed Futures Investmentent

Reduced Portfolio Volatility Risk
The primary benefit of adding managed futures to an already diversified investment portfolio is that it may decrease portfolio volatility risk. Nobel Prize winning economist, Dr. Harry M. Markowitz has proven that adding managed futures to an efficient investment portfolio can create a more well balance investment by diversifying among asset categories with low to negative correlations.

Potential for Enhanced Portfolio Returns
While managed futures can decrease portfolio risk, they can also simultaneously enhance overall portfolio performance.

Ability to Profit in Any Economic Environment
Unlike other asset classes, where profits depend solely on price appreciation, opportunities in futures trading exist in both rising and falling markets. Therefore managed futures trading advisors are able to profit in any type of market condition.

Global Diversification Opportunities
Through a managed futures investment, you can broadly diversify your portfolio across global markets. Commodity trading advisors invest in financial futures, including stock indexes, interest rates vehicles or currencies, and commodity markets’ products, such as crude oil, gold, wheat or soybeans.

The transparency of managed futures is unparalleled in the realm of alternative investments. The decisions of your money manager are fully reflected in your daily statement and are marked to the market every day. All the positions in your account are in liquid markets trading on regulated futures exchanges. If you want, you can liquidate your positions on a day’s notice.

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You should carefully consider whether futures trading is suitable for you in light of your circumstances and financial resources. Please read our Risk Disclosure.


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