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About Education

At Essence Capital, we place a high priority on empowering individuals with the knowledge they need to understand futures trading. As part of our commitment to excellence in customer service, we provide a variety of educational tools to assist you in gaining an in-depth understanding of both futures fundamentals and the decision-making process involved in futures trading.

Whether you are an experienced trader or new to futures trading, you can benefit from the information presented in our educational section.

Why Futures Now
If you never explored futures before, you probably have a lot of questions about what futures are and how they work. This section of our Website outlines certain characteristic of futures, provides helpful hints for your consideration of participating in futures trading and offers opinions on how you may start.

Futures 101
Start here with the basics on futures trading. The short lessons will help you gain insight into many most-often pondered topics.

Options 101
This section will introduce you to the basic terms and strategic uses of options on futures.

Order Placement
Our order entry guide provides a description of futures orders and how they are executed.

Options Strategies
Learn basic and advanced trading strategies to help you create bullish, bearish, protective and volatility positions.

Trading Techniques
Explore the technical analysis, trading psychology and general trading approach topics to build a solid foundation for developing a successful futures trading strategy.

Educational Publications
The informational resources contained in this section provide valuable educational publications covering a wide range of commodity futures and options trading topics.



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