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Quick Screen Trading (QST)


Quick Screen Trading (QST) is a state of the art futures trading application. It combines comprehensive, fast, flexible order entry and management with world class charting, analytics, real time quotes and news.

QST features the ability to enter and manage orders and fills from virtually any screen. It also offers integrated paper trading, allowing users to learn the QST interface and practice trading strategies. With the click of a button, users can toggle between paper and live trading. Also includes synthetic orders, such as trailing stops, Iceberg, and auto spreads.
Invalid order requests are halted and the user is notified before the order is ever submitted.
All prices are displayed in a consistent format, with the correct decimal and minimum tick. One click trading means the user typically doesn’t type in the price, but can easily modify it.
Options and futures contracts display the currency value of the instrument, not just the last trade.

Application Features:

  • Consistent user interface with multiple methods of interaction, including icons, drop-down menus and keyboard shortcuts.
  • Efficient, intuitive and consistent order entry: left click = buy, right click = sell. Unlike other products that display useless eye candy, the order entry function is simple and concise. It is truly a “single action” operation.
  • “Workspace” metaphor with multiple tabbed workspaces divided into one or more internal frames. Frames can be pulled into external windows.
  • Multiple monitor support.
  • Real-Time charts and indicators.
  • “Mobile Desktop” allows users to save a copy of their desktop and to log in from another location and retrieve the exact desktop that they saved. Work from home or the office using the same screen layouts and configuration.
  • Infinitely configurable colors, layouts and font sizes
  • “Themes” functionality allows user to easily create a unified color scheme throughout all the screens of the application.
  • Templates for multiple frame workspaces, trading workspaces, and chart-link workspaces.
  • Context sensitive month selection. Type a contract, and the valid month/year pairs appear in a window. Contract selection system allows search by category, exchange, description and symbol. Simply click on the symbol to enter it.
  • Contract details shows exchange, contract value, minimum tick size and value, open/close time and margin requirement
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Additional information

User's Guide
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Quick Screen Trading is available for live trading through Rosenthal Collins Group (RCG) and Dorman Trading

System Requirements

• Minimum Pentium III, 850 MHz Processor; Optimal Pentium IV, 1 GHz Processor
• Windows 2000, XP, Vista
• Minimum 256MB Memory; Optimal 512MB Memory
• Minimum 100MB of free hard disk space
• Internet Connection Minimum Speed: 56 KB/sec; Optimal: High-speed Cable, DSL, T1 or ISDN