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Trading Techniques

If you’re a beginner, who have decided to develop your own futures trading method, or an experienced trader seeking to refine your trading strategy, Essence Capital will help you build a solid foundation for developing the skills and resources a successful futures trading strategy requires.

One of the best resources available to you at Essence Capital is the expertise of our market professionals. The Elevate Your Trading program offers you individual consultations with an experienced market advisor to help you learn about various trading techniques and develop or improve your trading approach.

Over the years, we have found the futures exchanges to be an excellent source of educational resources. The resources presented in this section of our website are provided by CME Group:

Technical Analysis

Trade Charts Patterns Like a Pro

Market Profile

Market Profile: A Technical Approach
Using Market Profile to Trade Equity Index Products

Pivot Points

Pivot Point Analysis - History & Formulas, (1 of 2)
Pivot Point Analysis - (2 of 2)
Trading Techniques for Opening Gaps & Pivot Points

Moving Averages

Using Moving Averages to Trade Futures
Moving Averages: A Complete Guide (Part 1 of 2)
Moving Averages: A Complete Guide (Part 2 of 2)

Japanese Candles

Japanese Candle Trading Techniques & CME FX
Unique Japanese Candle and Trend Analysis Trading Techniques
High Probability Trading with Candlesticks
Japanese Candles: A Technical Approach

Additional Patterns & Formations

Ichimoku Clouds for CME Group's Forex E-micro Contract
Trading the Simple but Powerful AB equals CB Pattern
The Hidden Power of Price Scales in FX Trading
Technically Trading CME Group Currency Futures
High Probability Set-ups using Median Lines
Gamma Scalping with FX Options
How to Increase Your Odds for A Successful Trend Trade
Using ADX to Trade Breakouts, Pullbacks, and Reversals
Using Market Internals to Read Market Direction
Identifying Intraday Turning Points with VSA

Trading Psychology

The Brain on Risk: Screen Trading Doesn't Have to be the Pits
The Subtle Trap of Trading
Reaching the Top 10% - (1 of 2)
Reaching the Top 10% - (2 of 2)

General Trading


Risk and Return in a Portable Alpha World
Vertical Spreads and Ratio Spreads
Volatility - What Traders Need to Know

Additional Topics

How the Market Determines Value
Identifying Trading Opportunities in Today's Futures Markets
Reading Order Flow
Developing an Annual Trading Plan
High Probability Trading Systems
Trade Execution and Management
Credit Derivatives for Hedging and Speculation
Execution Techniques & Trade Management Tools

Maximizing Trading Performance Through Your Trading Plan (1 of 4)
Maximizing Trading Performance Through Your Trading Plan (2 of 4)
Maximizing Trading Performance Through Your Trading Plan (3 of 4)
Maximizing Trading Performance Through Your Trading Plan (4 of 4)

For more techniques and general trading topics available by CME Group, please visit CME Group website.



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